Multiple HFS files with Tomcat

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Multiple HFS files with Tomcat

Post by hmcco00 »

Tomcat is pretty much behaved and will work on a relatively small HFS.
Everything is contained in a single HFS (works ok).
Then I add a large war file for deployment it won't fit or deploy.
So, I create another HFS and mount it on WEBAPPS - and copy the existing stuff (preserving the permissions, owners, folders, etc..) before starting Tomcat.
It seems to look okay after I mount it (browse files and such).
When I restart Tomcat, it initializes, and appears to be okay, but when I open up a browser window on it - it hangs.
Just going to the listener port is a problem (manager page).
If I stop Tomcat, unmount the HFS and restart Tomcat - things are okay.
Am I doing something wrong here? Or does Tomcat work better in a single HFS?
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Post by dovetail »

There isn't an issue with using multiple file systems that I'm aware of. I can't imagine that there would be.

But you should double check that the new filesystem is mounted R/W and that if you copy files or directories into it that these files that you moved truly have the same owner/group and permissions.

Other than that, perhaps there is a problem with your new HFS filesystem that is causing it to hang when accessed. It is difficult for me to say, but I can say that Tomcat doesn't know or care about your underlying file system structure so long as it can access the files.
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