SAF Security in Tomcat

Issues and Questions related to running Apache Tomcat on z/OS
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SAF Security in Tomcat

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Reading the documentation and in chapter 4 it reads, "The Tomcat address space must be "program controlled", which means that all of the load module libraries and DLLs that are loaded must be marked as program controlled. This is not the same as APF authorization, but is a system privilege required to check passwords and SAF entity access." I am not sure based on what i am reading, but do I need to make all the members/files in Tomcat/lib "Program Controled"? are there any other members/files within Tomcat that need to be made "Program Controled"?

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Re: SAF Security in Tomcat

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Steps 1 and 2 in this:
shows how to make the DLLs and load module libraries program controlled.
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