Error Message COZ Launcher

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Error Message COZ Launcher

Post by BharatRedz7 »

Dear Team,
I was able to fix all persistent issues with Batch Script on my server and was able to launch my job using COZLAUNCH.
For an email server problem, i had to restart my Windows 2012 server machine and now I get the following error when i invoke a job from Z/Os

CoZLauncher.E.: userxàmachine1 target command '<default shell>' ended with RC=66

Let me know if this error has been encountered before.

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Re: Error Message COZ Launcher

Post by dovetail »

This message just means that the shell script that you executed on the remote server ended with exit code = 66.

Put a:

set -x

at the beginning of your shell script and the debugging output may help you.
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