Is it posible to run Infocenter w/ eclipe and JZOS on z/OS?

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Is it posible to run Infocenter w/ eclipe and JZOS on z/OS?

Post by Wally18 »

IBM is starting to send the manuals of certain products (Tivoli Omegamon, z/OS 1.9, etc...) in side an infocenter help system using the Eclipse technology. I woul like to have this infocenters in my own server inside the z/OS to have all the docs available in my intranet.
I have done a similar script that is along the CD with the infocenter to run in my z/Os.The aspect is this:
/usr/lpp/java/J1.4/bin/java -classpath /u/sgu2477/zfs/manuales/eclipse/plugins/ -eclipsehome /u/sgu2477/zfs/manuales/eclipse -plugincustomization plugins/ -command displayHelp -host -port 80
I can not run this script successfully nor from a USS script nor with JZOS Launch. Using the JZOS Launch on my z/OS. The JCL is this:

// JAVACLS='',
// LOGLVL='+T' < Debug LVL: +I(info) +T(trc)
//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* < System stdout
//SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* < System stderr
//STDOUT DD SYSOUT=* < Java System.out
//STDERR DD SYSOUT=* < Java System.err
export LIBPATH=/usr/lpp/java/J1.4/bin/classic:/usr/lpp/java/J1.4/bin
export CLASSPATH=/usr/lpp/java/J1.4
export CLASSPATH=/u/sgu2477/e
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lpp/java/J1.4/bin
export PATH=/bin:/usr/lpp/java/J1.4:/usr/lpp/java/J1.4/bin
export ECLIPSEHOME=/u/sgu2477/zfs/manuales/eclipse
'-cp /u/sgu2477/zfs/manuales/eclipse/plugins/'
' '
'-eclipsehome eclipse'
'-plugincustomization plugins\\plugin_customization.ini'
'-host ts91 -port 8888 -command displayHelp'

Is is posible to run the infocenter in z/OS? is it posible another option?

Many many thanks.[/quote]
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Post by dovetail »

If the application uses Eclipse, then you probably can't run in directly on z/OS - Eclipse has some native libaries, like SWT that would have to be ported to z/OS.

Isn't InfoCenter a graphical user interface? Would you *really* want to run that on your z/OS server??

Maybe you can just put the files on your z/OS server and mount them remotely on your workstations and run the InfoCenter gui on your workstations.
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Post by Wally18 »

Thanks Dovetail, yes you are more or less right, the Infocenter is a bunch of java classes and you only call them by this way:
java -classpath eclipse/plugins/ -eclipsehome eclipse -plugincustomization plugins/ -port 8888 -command start -noexec
If I run it on my PC, the result is that a little web server is opened and I can access it via browser:
So that my intention was to do the same on z/OS because I do not know how to inport the Infocenter package with the manuals to my IBM HTTP Server on z/OS.

Many thanks.
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Re: Is it posible to run Infocenter w/ eclipe and JZOS on z/OS?

Post by ssslokesh005 »

Hi, all Recently i joined.. i am learning Java... very interesting things on this... i will try these thanks
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