installing tomcat and deploying war file

Issues and Questions related to running Apache Tomcat on z/OS
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installing tomcat and deploying war file

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i need for make an installer for my web application.for this how your product can be used? i need to use tomcat web application or enterprise?
i have two scenarios
one is
1 install the war file to a remote tomcat server . installer will ask the tomcat url, username and password and will deploy the war file to that server
2. restart the server
3. lanuch the website
other is
1. install tomcat in the system if not available
2. deploy the war file
3. restart the server
4. lanuch the website
please help me to do this?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

References: ... hp?t=23751

Thank you
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Re: installing tomcat and deploying war file

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You seem to be using the wrong forum.
This is for z/OS java.
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