Discussion of Co:Z sftp, a port of OpenSSH sftp for z/OS
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Post by gngrossi »

From the V7.0.x Release Notes, the Co:Z sftp client and server have been refreshed to use OpenSSH version 8.4 code as a base. Previously OpenSSH version 7.6 was used.

- Does this have any impact deploying V7.0.2 to a z/OS V2.4/2.5 system running OpenSSH_7.6p1, LibreSSL 3.0.2?
- Does IBM have OpenSSH 8.4 available for installation?

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Re: V7.0.x

Post by dovetail »

Co:Z 7.x.x is compatible with z/OS OpenSSH V2.2 and above.

Since you have an Enterprise Support Agreement, we will open a ticket for you there.
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