todsn "missing option"

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todsn "missing option"

Post by JohnMcKown »

The fromdsn allows me to pull output from a z/OS batch to stdout rather easily using the -ssh parameter and -jes.j<stuff> . What I cannot easily do is use todsn to submit my jcl. I'm stuck using ftp or sftp. What I'd like might be: todsn -ssh user@ip -intrdr <my.jcl or

cat jobcard.jcl assemble.jcl source.asm eof.jcl | todsn -ssh user@ip -intrdr

just a thought. Same with lsjes. That works great from a UNIX shell. But not via a -ssh type option:

lsjes -ssh user@ip -s o

to display my output queue would be nice.
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Re: todsn "missing option"

Post by dovetail »

You can submit via todsn using this:

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todsn -ssh -x 'sysout(a) writer(intrdr) recfm(f) lrecl(80)'
The cozclient command can be used to wrap arbitrary z/OS shell commands, for example:

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cozclient -ssh user@host lsjes -s o 
Also, since the "todsn" command won't return the JES jobid when it writes to the internal reader, you might try remotly using the z/OS submit command:

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cat jcl | cozclient -it user@host submit -j
BTW: there isn't a man page yet for cozclient, but some help is available by typing just the command name

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> cozclient
usage: cozclient [-i t|b|n ] [-o t|b|n] [-e t|b|s]
               [-sock | -ssh ssh-opt* user@host] 
               command [command-options*]
  -sock indicates to use a socket connection command via CoZLauncher
   -ssh indicates that an ssh connection should be used to run command
   -i/-o/-e indicates handling of stdin/stdout/stderr, t=text, b=binary,n=none,s=redirect stderr to server
   defaults are -in -ot and -et (if -ssh) or -es (if -sock)
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