java client access to an https web service

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java client access to an https web service

Post by slescure »

I have the basics down for running batch java on zos. i'm actually getting pretty good at it. :)

but now i want to write a batch java program that accesses a web service via https. and i'm confused again. :|

I'm confused about what i need to do as far as certificates, and what software i need on the mainframe.
i can't find much information in that regard.

i take it that i need to get certificates installed in the "key ring". do i have to have AT/TLS running on the mainframe?
i've been told that's a "big deal" to get configured, and i'll have to jump through a lot of hoops etc.

I'd be grateful if somebody can point me in the right direction, or point out some relevant documents.

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Re: java client access to an https web service

Post by dovetail »

Yes, it is not particularly easy to get z/OS Java working with SAF keyrings and security providers, but it is definitely possible.

The java code is really just like on any platform that uses a WS client like Axis (and the HttpClient class with https). Google will find you many examples.

The tricky part is configuring the Java properties so that the right Java security providers are used, and also building the necessary keyrings and certificates.

You didn't mention whether your client wanted to do only normal http connections to a server (verifying its certificate), or whether the client would also be providing a certificate (aka "mutual authentication"). This is another level of complexity.
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