New community tools announcement

Discussion about community tools that we make available for z/OS without support
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New community tools announcement

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Today we have released several new free / open source tools on our website.


Ant SSH is a set of enhanced SSH tasks for Apache Ant. For many years we
have used a workstation IDE (Eclipse) as a code editor for C/C++, Java,
and some Assembler. We find this tool to be indispensable since it allows
us with one button click in a couple of seconds to upload any dirty source
files and run an incremental build (make) on z/OS. These custom Ant tasks
can be used with any (or no) IDE.

ncdu is a curses based user interface for navigating Unix file systems,
which can be very useful when trying to cull unused files from a highly
populated file system. The main interface makes it easy to quickly see
which directories contain the heaviest disk usage and the navigational
model is very intuitive, making it easy to traverse and delete files and
directories that are no longer needed.

Note that these tools are offered AS-IS without support. Please post questions / comments on this forum.
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