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I'm trying to get a standard /etc/ssh/dspipes_config across all my systems, is there a problem if I use this in my dspipes_config file?


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Re: /etc/ssh/dspipes_config

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Unfortunately, dspipes_config is not a shell script so this would not work.

We do have a problem related to the specifics of your question: on z/OS, the "hostname()" api that we use as a default for "sever-host" does not normally return the fully-qualified host.domain name . You can see what it returns on your system using the shell command "hostname -g".

What we really need to do is to have the default for server-host be the fully qualified host.domain name. We plan on doing this in the next release.


PS> /etc typically has other files that are server-specific. for now, you could have a script that built and deployed server-specific versions and plugged in things like this.
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