SFTP Patterns - '*'

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SFTP Patterns - '*'

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I have a general question about a trace I came across. Within the trace, I can see the transfer options (inbound) for the client. I noticed that in the transfer option there are several options that contain '*' next to them. Is the '*' next to the option an indication that this option was selected by a pattern or was it user entry?


17:50:59.44169Ù ZosSettingsIÙ: Transfer options: clientcp=ISO8859-1,*lrecl=27994,*mode=texttextÙ,notify,*recfm=vb,*release,*servercp=IBM-1047IBM-1047Ù,servertimeout=60,trim
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Re: SFTP Patterns - '*'

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The asterisk (*) is used to signify that an option has been overridden for this specific transfer. This can occur for several reasons:

- A matching file pattern has been applied
- An exit has modified option(s)
- A z/OS to z/OS transfer has been requested via the dsput or dsget command

If you activate Debug level tracing: COZ_LOG=ZosSettings=D a message will be emitted if the overridden options were set via a file pattern.

User set options (via zopts, lzopts, ls /+, etc) are not marked with an asterisk.
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