Struts 1.3.10, z/OS and JDK 1.4

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Struts 1.3.10, z/OS and JDK 1.4

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We have a webapp that uses an older version of struts and would like to upgrade it to 1.3.10.

We have a fair amount of customers who use our product on z/OS but use IBM's 1.4 JDK for whatever reason.

Our concern in upgrading is whether struts 1.3.10 has any later Java language features that would require a higher VM version than 1.4.

I have compiled the 1.3.10 source successfully using a 1.4 compiler so the answer would seem to be no. However, I would be even more reassured if I knew of anyone with a more than trivial webapp that uses struts 1.3.10 AND runs fine on z/OS with the 1.4 JVM.


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