Release of Co:Z Co-Processing Toolkit 8.0.0

Discussion of Co:Z sftp, a port of OpenSSH sftp for z/OS
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Release of Co:Z Co-Processing Toolkit 8.0.0

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Release 8.0.0 contains fixes and changes for z/OS V3R1 compatability.
Users should install this release prior to installing z/OS V3R1.

Enterprise License users should download the software from the "Resources" tab in the Enterprise Support System. Community License users are required to fill out a request form to download the software. For more information, see: Downloads

Co:Z SFTP enhancement:

The filetag option was added to Co:Z SFTP to support z/OS UNIX file tags.

Co:Z Batch enhancement:

CoZBatch is enhanced to allow file tagging of DD:STDIN input in order to be compatible with shells built with "Enhanced ASCII", such as bash See: Co:Z Batch example

Co:Z z/OS Utilities fix:

Fixed file tagging issues in the getpds command: allow existing UNIX files to be retagged and disable redundant autoconversion if files are being tagged.
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